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History Challenge

People today cannot comprehend the size and scope of the Civil War. Once we start to understand the enormity of this event we begin to realize the reasons presented in today's history simply fail to offer a believable motive for such a thing. Once we understand the scope of this war, logic demands answers.
Civil War Monument?

Have you ever seen the Clark Tower in Memphis?


Have you ever visited the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC?


What possible connection could these two questions have?


If we covered the front of the Clark Tower with beautiful granite and inscribed it with the names of the Civil War dead, the monument would not be large enough to contain all the names. You would need to add about two more stories.

What to Trust?

Historians of the most educated and credentialed sorts have stated flatly that the idea taxes brought about the secession of the Southern States is simply a myth. The men who cast the first votes to secede recorded their reasons. Why did they do what they did? Historians say one thing and the men who took the action said another. You can decide which to believe. Click below to view the transcript of the Address of South Carolina to Slaveholding States as it was delivered on Christmas day of 1860 when they announced their secession. The words tax, taxes or tariff appears 25 times!

Fort Sumter: Clue from 1833

There is no question that on April 12, 1861, Fort Sumter, from its strategic perch in Charleston Harbor became the flashpoint that would ignite a great fire, but how was it clearly foreshadowed in 1833? Click the link to learn how.