Penny for Your Thoughts





•         Specialty Impersonations will be allowed with Approval Only.  Any specialty impersonations must be approved prior to the event and must be pre-registered.

•         Infantry colors may be carried on the field.

•         Participants must adhere to all safety rules and regulations.

•         A minimum of 10 muskets is required for a company, anything less must consolidate.

•         You must stay with your assigned unit on the field, unless the scenario calls for you to portray taking a hit on the field and pretending to be wounded or killed.

•         YOU MUST BE 14 years of age to carry a weapon and if you are under 18 you must have parental consent.

•         No alcohol or illegal drugs.

•         If you are bringing HORSES for either cavalry or artillery, YOU MUST have proof of Negative Coggins and up to date Health Certificate and or an Equine Passport.

•         Straw or Hay, Water, and Firewood will be provided.

•         PLEASE keep trash picked up and placed in designated trash receptacles. Remember, we are on PRIVATE property and as a courtesy to the land owner; we should police our own areas, so PLEASE pick up any trash and place in designated areas.  Please be responsible for your own clean-up!  Thank you!


•         ABSOLUTELY NO LIVE AMMUNITION is allowed in camps or on the field at any time for black powder or modern weapons. No projectiles, bullets, musket balls, loading blocks, cartridge paper, wadding, glue, staples, tape or any other foreign object of ANY KIND may be put in the barrel of any pistol, musket, or cannon during any battle. 

•         No ramming is permitted except in the use of handguns, therefore, NO RAMRODS are to be used on the field in battle.

•         Bayonets may ONLY be fixed for inspections and to stack arms while staging for battle scenarios and as directed by commanders.  YOU WILL NOT FIX BAYONETS IN BATTLE. They must be sheathed during battle or left in camp.

•         No tampions may be taken to the field.

•         ABSOLUTELY NO WONDER WADS will be used.  Cream of Wheat is suggested.

•         NO one under the age of 14 is permitted to carry a firearm on the field.  If under 18, a signed parental or guardian consent (at the time of check in registration) is required before participation is allowed on the field.

•         ALL weapons must pass weapons inspections prior to the start of the battles. Weapons inspection will include inspection of cap pouches and cartridge boxes.  Weapons failing inspections must be cleaned or repaired to the satisfaction of the inspecting officer before being used or permitted on the field.  Please keep your muskets and all black powder guns cleaned as this could cause a failed inspection.

•         NO hand-to-hand combat or charging the enemy by an individual except as provided by scripted scenarios.  Anyone not abiding by this rule will be asked to leave the field, with the possibility of further prosecution.

•         Weapons should reflect authenticity of the time period.



•         Only period correct uniforms and dress should be worn by re-enactors portraying camp life or on the battlefield.  This includes period correct footwear like brogans, period boots, and shoes.  For example: flip-flops, sandals, and tennis shoes would not have been worn.  Blue jeans or modern zippered pants would not have been worn. Earrings, wristwatches, and face jewelry would NOT have been worn. Uniforms, weapons, and accouterments including haversacks and canteens should reflect the period in history portrayed as much as possible.  By re-enacting the era, we want to portray the best possible reproduction of the time in appearance and actions.  Please do your best to accurately portray a person of that time period, as this is such a great opportunity to educate the public and respect your fellow re-enactors.  If you are hanging out in camps or on the battlefield during the time that the re-enactment is open to spectators and the general public, please make every effort to be period correct in your attire and actions.


•         Women portraying soldiers in the ranks should make every reasonable effort to hide their gender.   We know that it is harder to hide gender by today’s standards because women are only portraying men for a few hours during the battle or in camps, and women of the era took on the role somewhat permanently as hundreds of women passed themselves off as men in order to serve as soldiers during the war, on both sides.  We have no adequate numbers because they were so good at it, so please, honor the memory of these brave women and make every reasonable effort to hide your gender and wear proper uniforms.



•         Only period correct tents are permitted in the Military and period Civilian camping areas. Campers, RV's, horse trailers used for camping and non-period or other modern type camping is permitted only in the designated areas.

•         IF you are period camping, either military or civilian, then you should be in period attire while in camp, especially during spectator hours.

•         ALL modern food containers, including coolers should be kept in the tents or away from public viewing.  For example:  McDonald's cups and plastic bottles are not period correct.

•         Only period correct chairs, tables, cooking and other accessories that would be considered period correct should be visible to spectators at the camp site. We are portraying the life of the times and should do so in portrayal as close to being period correct as possible for the spectators.

•         After unloading, your vehicle, ALL modern vehicles MUST be taken out of camp and parked in designated areas.

•         Please be respectful of other campers, re-enactors, and spectators at all times.

•         Please be respectful of night and sleep time for other campers.

•         Portajohns will be provided and kept as clean as possible. When you use them, please be respectful of others who may follow your use, by being as clean as possible. Do not desecrate “restroom” facilities to be used by others, by creating unnecessary messes and stealing toilet paper or other accessories.

•         Sutlers and Food Vendors will be available for daytime hours.