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Venture Scout Troop 262 - Chartered by SCV Camp 1452

In 2015, SCV Camp 1452 became the first Sons of Convederate Veterans Camp to ever charter a Venture Scout Troop. The troop exists to provide an avenue for young adults 14-20 to re-live the history of the south during the period of the War for Southern Independance. Everything about the troop focus on answering the Charge, starting with the troop number, which represents February, 1862, the month and year of the official formation of the Confederate States of America. 

Reenacting as the 9th Mississippi Infantry, Company A, our Venture Scout Troop attends Civil War Reenactments, participates in Memorial Services, conducts school and church programs, and is seen each month at our regular SCV meetings acting as our Color Guard posting the colors. If you know anyone who would like to join, please contact us immediately! You can see more about us at our Facebook page by clicking the link below.

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